Friday, 18 May 2012

Human Trafficking

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Modern slave trade-comes to show that history is repeating itself.  Slave trade has evolved to modern form of slave trade; although technology and globalisation made it much easier for syndicates to conduct their $7 billon ‘businesses’.

These business women and men play tricks with your vulnerabilities. Promising a new live filled with materialistic objects together with a successful career, leads to a life of pain, insecurity and misfortune. After throwing the bait of empty promises, they lure you away from your community and family...FOREVER. You become a pawn in their evolving business of sex-trade. 

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They take your identification documents and passport as soon as you arrive in the ‘city of dreams’. You become an illegal immigrant and more reliant on your ‘agent’. You are trapped since the authorities would deport you or in worst case scenario, send you back to your trafficker since some authorities are polluted with criminals.

Human rights are violated since women are forced into prostitution. They are raped, beaten and hooked on any imaginable drug. They are selling their bodies, their dignity, to pay back the ‘agent’ who lured them into the life of rainbows and unicorns. They also need to feed their addiction and in some cases, send money back home to the family.

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Once you had the world at you feet filled with opportunities and laughter. Now you are left trying to pick-up and find the broken pieces of your shattered life. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a reality. We need to combat this issue. If this was acknowledged and baby steps were taken during the past, modern day slavery would have been easier to battle. 

Let’s start taking baby steps to a brighter future without human trafficking.

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